Why didn’t they ask this?

OK – this is just me being weird but when the whole Milli Vanilli thing went down back in the 80s why did people stop liking the song?  Instead of just getting mad why didn’t they ask who the actual singers were and start liking them?

For those who don’t remember this whole thing it’s on Wikipedia

I never liked that style of music but it always annoyed me that people liked the song when it was on the radio but stopped liking it just because the people on stage were fakers.  Nobody ever said, “Hey let’s get the real singers out here…”  It’s just confirmation that most people don’t really have any taste and just like stuff because other people like it so they think it’s cool.  Imagine if they knew that many of the musicians that play on stage aren’t the ones on the record…

Thoughts anyone?


One Response to “Why didn’t they ask this?”

  1. “Girl you know its true” Yeah I drank the Kool-aid back then. But yeah it seems like after the curtain was pulled back and we saw what the real band looked like we lost interest. I wonder if that’s how some people feel about Christianity. I mean if we have some charismatic preachers out there who fall from grace; does that affect the message? I think that’s a big problem in our society. Often people follow the messenger instead of the message and when the messenger stumbles people are quick to jump off the bandwagon and forget the message. Some examples would be Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart. I wonder how many people lost faith in Jesus when these guys went down. Good post dude.


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