Preparing for Prayer

My first reaction to the idea of writing out prayer in a journal was very negative, but as I thought about it more I changed my mind and realized even that wasn’t enough preparation before formal prayer time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about scheduled prayer times, there are times we should also speak freely and spontaneously to God (for example, if somebody tells us of a special need we should pray with them right then and there) but would I go to see an important person to present a request without preparing?  For example, if I was going to ask the President of a big company for a special favor would I just walk into his office and start talking without a plan?  Of course not, I would first have to get an appointment to see them and then I would plan my presentation and prepare for questions that might come up, knowing that this might be my only shot at gaining favor.  So, why would I go before God with my scribbled prayer list and expect him to wait on me while I stumble through my ill-prepared speech about what I want him to do?  Yet, many times that is exactly what I do.  God is gracious enough to let me set the time and place for our appointment and I have the nerve to show up unprepared.  I wouldn’t make a blog entry without reading it over and making sure it’s reasonably cohesive, I should do at least the same before meeting with God.

Heavenly Father,
You are great and merciful; please hear your servant’s prayer.  I am thankful that you allow me, by the blood of your son Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Saviour, to come before you at all.  Have mercy on me and forgive the arrogance of my coming before you without proper preparation.  Please give me wisdom and the patience to prepare my heart and my words before I come before you.  It is in the great name of Jesus Christ that I pray.


One Response to “Preparing for Prayer”

  1. Jim,

    Good post. I remember you telling me on a comment about your prayer journal and how it helped. Well I picked one up and took a cue from Tony and started taking notes during Sunday School and the morning service. This journal has been great. I usally don’t retain a lot of stuff during Church but the journal has been an awesome tool. Now I can go back and study the lesson and really get some good understanding on what was taught. Great advice guys. Take care


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