No Coke, No Pepsi

I wasn’t planning to, but, I stopped drinking Coca Cola on the 16th when I ran out.  We were fasting the next day, nothing hard, just no solid food from the time we got up until the sun went down, so I didn’t buy any that day.  I did have some hot chocolate and tea so I didn’t go totally caffeine free but I still had to take some aspirin.  On the way home I decided not to buy any Coca Cola, since I had made it past the hardest day, I thought.  The headache on day two was much worse but with prayer and aspirin and a nap when I got home…

It has been nice not to have to be thinking about if I have enough Coca Cola in the fridge and traveling this weekend I didn’t have to pack a cooler.  Today, I had a Coke and when I finished it, I didn’t immediately want another, much better.  This was obviously an addiction that God has now freed me from.  I wonder what other addictions I have that I could be rid of if only I would ask for God’s help.  How about you?

Heavenly Father,
You are wise beyond human understanding and you show great mercy to people who are unfaithful and undeserving of your loving kindness.  We give thanks and ask that you continue to help us to recognize our failings and guide us to become more like your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  It is in His name that we pray.


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