The Gospel

Given the opportunity to witness, can you tell the Gospel in a concise manner?  Here’s my attempt.

We are sinners and will go to hell because we can not pay the debt for our sin; Jesus died on the cross to pay the debt for us; He rose on the third day; all those who believe will be forgiven and go to Heaven.

Let me know yours

Heavenly Father,
In your great mercy you sent your son to deliver us, please give us the words to witness effectively to everyone we meet who has not heard the news.  It is in the name of your son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ that we pray.


4 Responses to “The Gospel”

  1. My way would sound a lot like yours – Death and hell is the payment we’ve earned for our sinful rebellion against God, yet for all who ever have believed and will believe, Christ His Son died to take the payment due their sin upon Himself. And to prove the debt was payed in full, He was raised from the dead and shares His life with them. I guess you could say that for those who believe, He experienced their death that they might experience His life. (John 3:16; Romans 4:25)

  2. Not sure what I could add, as both your’s and Laurie’s post do a good job of contrasting the good from the bad news. Bad news = man has sinned, Good news = through Christ man is forgiven. So now we are suppose to go out and tell people this? This wondeful Gospel. I wonder why it is so hard to share it sometimes.

  3. […] Explaining the Gospel simply. My buddy Jim explores this idea over at his blog. […]

  4. You guys have said it all. Amen

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