90 Hours or Just Watch TV

They say (being the people that say this sort of thing) the average person in the USA watches 2.4 hours of TV every day; so multiply by seven and you get 16.8 Hours per week; multiply that by four and you get 67.2 hours per month; or 876 Hours per year.

“From September 2004 to September 2005 — what Nielsen defines as the broadcast year — the average American family viewed eight hours and eleven minutes of TV programming a day, according to figures provided by the measurement firm.” (from http://www.bottomlinecom.com/tv_watching.htm)

“So what?” you say, “TV is informative and entertaining…” 

OK assuming that is true, how much time is spent ‘channel-surfing’ looking for something ‘good’ to watch? 

Now, how many people have read the entire Bible? 

It’s a big book and takes a long time to read, right?

Maybe, but let’s take just 0.4 hours a day, leaving the other 2 hours for watching TV.  Now, you are probably thinking what is 0.4 hours a day going to do, that’s only 24 minutes a day, right?  Here’s the surprise, it takes the average person 90 hours to read the entire Bible, that’s only 15 minutes a day.  So by giving up less than 20 percent of our TV time we can read the entire Bible in seven and a half Months.  Even if you just kept a Bible handy and read during the commercials, the average person would finish the entire Bible in less than one year.

Will your friends think you are weird? Yes, they will.  Will you walk around quoting Scripture?  Probably not, but the next time there is a TV show about some Bible story you will be able to watch knowing that you read the whole thing and the next day when people talk about it at work you will feel different because you have read it.  You also may see that what is on TV is not necessarily true.

I know there’s at least one blogger doing it in 2009

Romans 10:17
So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

Heavenly Father,
We are a sinful people who would rather waste our time than read Your Word.  It is only through Your calling that we seek You at all.  Please put the desire to know You in our hearts and give us the courage to face resistance from those around us as we read Your Word.  In Jesus’ name we pray.


2 Responses to “90 Hours or Just Watch TV”

  1. Amen brother. We could all use less TV in our lives (myself included !) and what better to replace it with than the Word of God.

    I’m reading the Bible this year using the Discipleship Journal plan. I’ve found it to be a great blessing so far in ’09.

  2. Jim,

    It is amazing how much time we waste watching TV. For me I have maybe 2 hours a day that I have time to watch, unless I don’t want to do anything else. This year my goal is to set aside time for reading and worship and if I have anytime left I might turn on the Tele. I think the one year Bible and the esv reading plans are great tools also. Good post man..Take care..Chris

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