Changing Times

After being a customer for at least ten years, I cancelled my BMG Music Account yesterday. Even at their best prices (typically $5/CD after shipping) I just couldn’t see the point anymore as I haven’t ordered anything in over a year and I doubt I’ve listened to everything from my last order yet. I see kids with their Ipods but I’m pretty sure they don’t listen to albums; they pick songs from here and there. I remember the thrill of buying an album as a kid and getting home with it. Carefully opening it and putting it on the turntable; cleaning the album and the stylus then looking at the artwork in the big jacket as the album played. Of course at 23 minutes an album side was more realistic, as far as attention spans go and the artwork completed the audio/visual experience. Now it’s YouTube, sure the audio quality is terrible but kids don’t know the difference and they get a music video anytime they want. Even back in the days of albums most people had terrible playback equipment so that’s still the same. I do have some Super Audio CDs and the required player and it does sound really good but it was doomed from the start since most people don’t care about quality.

I’ve got a coupon on my desk for a Digital TV converter box. Well, it’s not really even a coupon it’s a credit card. And yes, I’ve got cable but I thought it would be a good idea to have a converter just in case of an emergency. I’ve got some golf cart batteries and inverters so if the power and cable is out I should still be able to get some local TV. And I’ve got my HAM radio stuff, just in case, but chances are the cell phones will still work (although they didn’t during Katrina.) Kids aren’t interested in HAM radio anymore, even the geeky kids. These are different times…

Heavenly Father,
Things are constantly changing but You are always the same. We are thankful that You are all powerful, all knowing, merciful, and beautiful. To have faith in the Earthly is foolishness and it is in You that we put our faith. Please forgive us for getting caught up in the folly of the day and invite us back to worship You. In Jesus’ name we pray.


2 Responses to “Changing Times”

  1. For some reason reading this all I could imagine was Aaron and the gang deciding to make a golden calf in Moses’ absence. It seems to me that fallen man’s fascination with the things he creates will always be at war with the perfect works of the Creator. It puzzles me to wonder why we are like that. Tozer in the Pursuit of God points out what we all realize on some level, that God is everywhere at all times. There is no person that is closer to God than any other person, yet we reject that reality and find comfort in our stuff. I know this because I am guilty of it. Good post sir!

    Grace and Peace.


  2. Jim,

    I think podcasts are the answer for your audio needs while traveling and Pandora or internet radio would be the answer for home or office music. Or you can get one of these subscription services that have just about everything. I echo what Tony was saying about the Golden calf except now where are making it with plastic and micro chips. Take care…Chris

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