Speeding Verses Abstinence

The abortion debate is in full swing again but a root question for me is can legislation cause morality?  I know the answer is no; people do what they want; for example, they violate traffic laws that are created for everyone’s safety by speeding, not coming to a full stop at every stop sign, failing to signal when changing lanes and the worse, hitting the gas when the light turns yellow.  I’m guilty of a few of these in any given week (if not every day) because I make my own judgment calls as to what I think is safe at the moment and I’m pretty sure everybody else does the same thing.  Most of us don’t have any compelling reason or great urge to break these laws but we do so because we’ve weighed the time savings against the risks and think it’s worth the chance.  Every once in a while somebody loses that bet and gets caught or has a wreck.

Adolescent kids have a very strong urge to have sex and don’t yet have a fully developed sense of judgment, so will having laws make a difference?  Also, Christians don’t seem to stay married any better than the rest of society with those who marry young being most likely to divorce (does somebody know if the stats based on age of marriage are the same for Christians verses non-Christians) so having kids get married at the onset of adolescence is not the answer.

So the debate rages on, but, what if we took on spreading the Gospel with the same energy and passion used in the abortion debate? 

Heavenly Father,
We are a sinful people and you are a merciful God.  You show us mercy everyday and still we go on sinning.  Please give us the wisdom to know which battles to fight and the courage to spread the good news about your son, Jesus Christ, that we may bear good fruit in your kingdom.  We live in a fallen world and our salvation comes only from Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, and it is in his great name that we pray.


3 Responses to “Speeding Verses Abstinence”

  1. Enjoyed your post very much.
    Numbers 6:24~26
    Love in Christ

  2. I was thinking and praying about this very thing today. Paul and I had a long discussion about it. All our abortion preaching really ends up being preached to the choir, so to speak – Christians working other Christians into a frustrated rage while no one outside the church is paying the slightest bit of attention to what’s being said, just distantly observing our frenzied behaviour. Ultimately what’s needed are changed hearts and for that to happen the gospel needs to be preached. We live in a country run by its people or at least by politicians who pander to the opinions of the majority of the people. The politics will not change unless the hearts of the people change. Our goal first and foremost should be the preaching of the gospel to sinners. This is the only real hope for this world and the unborn.

  3. Jim,

    I agree with Laurie. We have been protesting abortion every since Roe V Wade and it seems like the numbers are increasing. I think we do need to get the Gospel out there and maybe try to reach these women before they get pregnant. We also fighting an uphill battle with Hollywood and the current “anything goes” culture. Good post …Chris

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