Electronic Christianity

A while back I posted about using my computer as a prayer notebook – the results are in

  • Distraction – up
  • Quiet time – down
  • Prayerless times – up

A week ago I printed the prayer list and I’m getting back to normal – the electronic list just didn’t work for me.

On another front, I just reloaded The Thomas Nelson Bible Study Library (Libronix), in preparation for a business trip.  I hope that it will allow me to have good reading material and only carry a couple of paper books but I am still going to pack my pocket size NKJV Bible and one other book for times that the laptop is inconvenient.

I don’t think paper books will go away totally but digital distribution is certainly less expensive and more convenient. Once somebody comes up with an electronic reader that is to reading what the mp3 player (ipod if you must) is to music I will think about making the leap. Although, as of today my mp3 player doesn’t see much use – maybe I’m just old but it’s just easier to use CDs in the car – again integration will be the key change their. And how about a reader for the car that reads your digital books to you. The computer generated voices are getting pretty good, or at least bearable and I love books on tape; I mean CD; I mean audio books…

On the other hand, newspapers and magazines are dead to me – The internet gives me magazine articles and the news anytime I want. Why print something that’s good for one day and send out trucks to deliver it, that’s nothing but a waste.

Heavenly Father,
Whatever the medium, from your lips, to the ears of prophets, to scrolls, to the codex, to paper, to digital renderings, we give thanks that you gave us the word, your word. Please don’t let the technology become an idol to us when we should be praising and worshiping you as our God. In Jesus’ name we pray


One Response to “Electronic Christianity”

  1. I equate this new technology the same way I equate exercise equipment. It’s all great if you have the motivation to use it, and that’s my problem. I have little motivation. I have the ESV, NIV, NLT study Bible’s and 5 or 6 more Bible’s to include ESV online and Nelson Bible Study Library (Libronix) but even with all of these resources I struggle with setting aside time to use them. Same goes for my exercise equipment in the garage. I recently have gain so much weight that I have forced my self to exercise for 30 min every morning. I will try to do the same with my Bible reading. I have been able to read some other books though and managed to read the New Testament this past fall. Oh well…Good post….Chris

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