Sometimes you just have to whine…

How many times have you answered somebody when they were actually talking to somebody else on their blue-tooth?  Surely I’m not the only one… And at what point did it become more important to answer your phone than to talk to the person in the room or car with you?  If you comment they act like you are being rude but it is rude to prioritize a phone call over a person who is in your presence.  There are times when I get a call that is important and I will apologize to the person that is with me and either leave the room or ask them to leave so I can take the call but that is rare and we have voice mail for all the trivial calls.

By far the rudest thing is when somebody actually makes a call (or answers one that only rang in their Bluetooth) without even mentioning it.  You could be in the middle of a sentence when you realize they have mentally checked out of your presence and gone to phone-land where they think they are alone and nobody can hear them.  I know its best never to say anything bad about anyone but I have been caught wondering, where I’m not sure if the person I was just talking about is the one now on the other end of the phone and just heard me talking about them.

OK here’s what got me going on this in the first place…

I just saw a then-verses-now style ad showing a boombox verses an iPod and it brought back memories of hanging out with friends while listening to music play on a boombox.  Sure the iPod is great in that it’s not disturbing to others but that fact makes it an antisocial phenomenon and while certain aspects of technology are social, facebook comes to mind, as a culture we are spending less time together.


One Response to “Rant…phone-land”

  1. Jim you got some good points here. There are times when you should take calls like when work or your wife calls, but your right you should tell who ever your with that you have to take the call. With ipods and the new technology I can see where they would keep people apart but from what I have observed it can be used to bring people even closer together. A good example is facebook, myspace and classmates.com. Through these sites I have been able to reconnect with schoolmates and fellow Soldiers I have served with. I think we are spending just as much time if not more together but it’s not in a personal way, just through data transmissions. But the good news is our Churches have been pretty good about getting folks together for fellowship. Our Church has has 2 nights a week where the youth get together and hang out and fellowship. Good post dude..

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