Riot or Revival

Michael Easley quoting one of his professors, “ ‘…wherever Paul went either a revival or a riot broke out, when I go places they serve tea.’  The same can be said of Jesus.”  That is, Jesus caused strong reactions, not the serving of tea.

Wow, that’s something to think about.  I’ve heard some boring sermons where it was a struggle to stay awake, but on the other hand I’ve heard some that caused a lot of excitement but had no point; you know the type, on the drive home you’re saying “what was that all about?”  I do know that when Jesus comes up in conversation opinions are rarely neutral, sometimes the conversation comes to an abrupt halt, other times there are strong opinions and there are even people who never talk to you again.  I’d love to hear some thoughts from others…


One Response to “Riot or Revival”

  1. We’ve lost friends simply because we mentioned being Christians. Hadn’t preached a thing yet, just loved them and wanted to spend time with them. Our very presence makes them that uncomfortable.

    I’ve also been chewed out by Christians for encouraging them to trust in God rather than fretting.

    The gospel’s hard to swallow – at times even for those of us who profess to believe it!

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