Turn of the Century

The vast majority of people see a ‘turn of the century’ during their life, like we just saw 19xx go to 20xx. People born in the last nine years will be considered to have been born at the turn of the century but those born between xx10 and xx20 will probably be outsiders to the ‘turn of the century’ reference, unless they live a very long time.


2 Responses to “Turn of the Century”

  1. yeah I feel the same way about the baby boomer generation, I was born in 66 and I’m not sure what they call us..I’m sure it’s not Gen X

  2. According to wikipedia we are Gen-X but I’m with you as I thought Gen-X was earlier. Although if boomers were post WWII and generations are 20 years this makes sense…

    “In the 1991 book Generations, William Strauss and Neil Howe call this generation the “13th Generation” and define the birth years as 1961 to 1981″


    This all makes me think of the Who song…

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