Providential Care

It was raining on the way to work this morning and as we came down I-65 there was a truck with trailer that had hit the divider and was totally blocking the left lane. It was just after a left hand curve so was not visible until you were very close, too close to stop. On top of that the driver was standing, foolishly, between the truck and the oncoming traffic.

Several years back I became obsessed with racing, Formula One and CART to be specific. It seemed to come out of nowhere, I bought simulation software and a racing wheel/pedals setup and ran countless laps on many different tracks. My lap times in Malibu and Austalia consistently rivaled world record times. I would also practice in my real car and could take corners marked 15 at 55 without a squeek from the tires. Then I priced a race weekend at a real driving school, the tires screeched to a hault! There was no possibility I was going to spend that type of money when I was already passed the age of having any shot at going pro; so ended my obsession.

Back to this morning; we come around this curve and there he is; I hit the brakes and all four tires start sliding. I’m threshold braking so the wheels don’t lock up which would be bad as my little ford ranger would surely go into a spin and roll over. I aim to just clear the disabled truck; three times my truck starts to spin and each time I make a subtle correction; we pass him and I get back on the gas so I don’t get hit from behind as I’m now in a different lane. This all happened in about a second.

I immediately remembered all those laps on the simulator and think how God’s providence prepared me for this moment.

Heavenly Father,
I know that you are in control and I give thanks that you give us what we need each day and prepare us for the future without us even knowing why.


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