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Recipe – Dublin Coddle

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This is a meat lover’s dish, and is good for pot luck lunches although it’s a little more expensive than most but it’s very easy to make. There are no quantities listed because it’s not critical and different spices can be used, etc. There’s no need to pre-cook anything, it won’t make any difference in the end result.

Apple Juice
Chop everything up, cook in a crock pot for ten hours and then eat.


Stewed Onions & Variations

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This is a good pot luck dish as there are no specific quantities so it’s easy to scale up. 

Take a large yellow onion or two, clean and slice into rings – I use a meat slicer but a knife works just fine.

Put in a (crock) pot and add a can of Campbell’s tomato soup and can of water – bring to boil then cook on low until the onions are soft, sort of  like spaghetti.  Keep it hot in the pot and it gets better with age.


  • Use apple juice instead of water
  • Add black pepper early to give heat and/or just before serving for sweet pepper flavor
  • Add Italian seasoning
  • Add Spicy Corn ( or frozen corn
  • Add a Can of Rotell diced tomato and chiles
  • Huevos Rancheros – Serve Stewed Onions (w/all options) over scrambled eggs

Heavenly Father,
We give thanks for the vast variety of foods you have given us to enjoy as we remember your son, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins; by faith in salvation in Jesus’ name we live without condemnation and it is in His name that we pray.